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Susan Morris (Saint John, NB)
Vancouver, BC
Susan Morris (Saint John, NB)
Toronto, ON
2011/12 Jocelyn Reimer-Kent (New Westminster, BC) Vancouver, BC 
2010/11 Jocelyn Reimer-Kent (New Westminster, BC) Montreal, QC
2009/10 Jocelyn Reimer-Kent (New Westminster, BC) Edmonton, AB
2008/09 June MacDonald, (Saint John, NB)  Toronto, ON
2007/08 June MacDonald, (Saint John, NB)  Quebec, QC 
2006/07 Anna Svendsen, (Halifax, NS)  Vancouver, BC 
2005/06 Anna Svendsen, (Halifax, NS)  Montreal, QC 
2004/05 Lorna Estabrooks, (Calgary, AB)  Calgary, AB 
2003/04 Lorna Estabrooks, (Calgary, AB)  Toronto, ON 
2002/03 Sandy Barabe, (Port Coquitlam, BC)  Edmonton, AB 
2001/02 Sandy Barabe, (Port Coquitlam, BC)  Halifax, NS 
2000/01 Darlene Dawson, (Calgary, AB)  Vancouver, BC 
1999/00 Darlene Dawson, (Calgary, AB)  Quebec, QC 
1998/99 Howard Brunt, (Victoria, BC)  Ottawa, ON 
1997/98 Howard Brunt, (Victoria, BC)  Winnipeg, MB 
1996/97 Lynne Young, (Vancouver, BC)  Montreal, QC 
1995/96 Lynne Young, (Vancouver, BC)  Toronto, ON 
1994/95 Carol Szarga, (Toronto, ON)  Edmonton, AB 
1993/94 Carol Szarga, (Toronto, ON)  Vancouver, BC 
1992/93 Carol Jillings, (Vancouver, BC)  Ottawa, ON 
1991/92 Carol Jillings, (Vancouver, BC)  Calgary, AB 
1990/91 Ellen Rukholm, (Sudbury, ON)  Halifax, NS 
1989/90 Ellen Rukholm, (Sudbury, ON)  Vancouver, BC 
1988/89 Carole Earle, (Woodstock, NB)  Montreal, QC 
1987/88 Carole Earle, (Woodstock, NB)  Edmonton, AB 
1986/87 Connie Cloutier, (Montreal, QC)  Ottawa, ON 
1985/86 Connie Cloutier, (Montreal, QC)  Halifax, NS 
1984/85 Marcia Mason, (Vancouver, BC) Quebec, QC 
1983/84 Marcia Mason, (Vancouver, BC) Toronto, ON 
1982/83 Lee Doryk, (Regina, SK) Calgary, AB 
1981/82 Lee Doryk, (Regina, SK) Montreal, QC 
1980/81 Glenys Whelan, (St. John's NF) Winnipeg, MB 
1979/80 Glenys Whelan, (St. John's NF) Quebec, QC 
1978/79 Glenys Whelan, (St. John's NF) Vancouver, BC 
1977/78 Jean Petrie, (Halifax, NS) Toronto, ON 
1976/77 Carolyn Stockwell, (Windsor, ON) Edmonton, AB 
1975/76 Carolyn Stockwell, (Windsor, ON) Montreal, QC 
1974/75 Joan Breakey, (Toronto, ON) Winnipeg, MB 
1973/74 Valerie Shannon, (Montreal, QC) Halifax, NS 

Strategic Partner
CCCN Spring Conference 
May 28, 2021