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Why become certified?

Specialty certification is a voluntary program that allows you to build on the solid foundation of your Canadian RN registration and the clinical experience you gain in your specialty. With it, everybody wins - you, your clients and your employer.

Certification helps you stay current by testing your specialized knowledge and skills, and having a trademarked credential after your name to designate certification validates your competency in your specialty.

The Canadian Nurses Association defines the purpose of certification as threefold:

To promote excellence in nursing care for the people of Canada through the establishment of national standards of practice in nursing specialty areas;
To provide an opportunity for practitioners to confirm their competence in a specialty; and,
To identify through a recognized credential, those nurses meeting the national standards of their specialty.
Certification is a commitment to the leading edge in national health-care standards. It gives national scope to the principle of continued competence encouraged by provincial/territorial quality assurance programs. It's a tangible distinction, confirming your knowledge and skill levels in your specialty. And, as you enhance your career, you join a growing network of specialized nurses - more than 17,000 in an increasing number of specialties.

Certification is regulated and administered in Canada through the Canadian Nurses Association. Below are some highlights of information available on the CNA web site including information specific to cardiovascular certification. Please visit their web site at: http://www.nurseone.ca/Default.aspx?portlet=StaticHtmlViewerPortlet&stmd=False&plang=1&ptdi=569 for full details, resources and applications. In French it is: http://www.nurseone.ca/Default.aspx?portlet=StaticHtmlViewerPortlet&stmd=False&ptdi=569

What are the Exam Requirements?

The CNA certification exam is practice based, but you can improve your preparation by studying on your own or in study groups with others. You should refresh your knowledge in all areas of your specialty, especially those areas in which you have not been actively involved in recent months.

CNA provides the following information on the Cardiovascular exam competencies followed by a bibliography to assist in your exam preparation: http://www.nurseone.ca/Default.aspx?portlet=StaticHtmlViewerPortlet&stmd=False&ptdi=583

Once you have registered with CNA to write an exam, you will be given an access to CNA's online certification prep resources which includes practice test.

You may also want to consult with the certification program available resources as  to consult with a cardiovascular mentor (All mentors are certified nurses in their specialty and they are resources for the candidates), check on a regular basis the list of the study groups available as it is updated as soon as CNA is  advised that a group is taking place or view the certification webinars.  Please visit the http://www.nurseone.ca/Default.aspx?portlet=StaticHtmlViewerPortlet&stmd=False&plang=1&ptdi=628.

The CNA certification online prep resources are developed by the expert nurses who also develop the certification exam. The online prep resources supply you with information about the exam process and development and with suggestions on how to prepare for the exam. This reference is not intended to be the only source for preparing for the exam. It is an excellent complement to your other study resources - so do not wait to receive your access to the online prep resources to begin studying.

Strategic Partner

CCCN Alberta, Nunavut and NWT Presents:
Microvascular dysfunction in Women

Webinar: June 11, 2020. 11:00 PDT, 12:00 MDT, 14:00 EDT, 15:00 ADT
To register email: kathryn@cccn.ca