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Awards & Grants

Research Grant
Clinical Grant


The purpose of this grant is to provide funds to CCCN members for research pertaining to cardiovascular or cerebrovascular nursing in Canada. 
This grant is directed to nurses in clinical settings who use results from research to improve practice, and to research nurses wishing to establish linkages with clinical nurses to facilitate the uptake of research evidence and advance clinical practice.

Types of clinical projects to be funded
1. Knowledge Dissemination Project
2. Knowledge Utilization Project

Range of funding
1. Up to a maximum of $1500. 
2. A candidate may only receive one CCCN clinical grant for the same project.

1. Canadian citizens or permanent residents
2. Current members of the CCCN
3. Currently licensed as a nurse in a provincial/territorial professional association
4. Project must include both clinical and research nurses

Selection criteria
The CCCN National Research Committee reviews grant applications with attention to relevance of the project in relation to pertinence. In the event that projects receive equal rating, then preference is given to an applicant who 1) has not received funding from CCCN in the past 5 years, or 2) has contributed the most to CCCN endeavors.

Closing date for applications
February 10, 2019

Strategic Partner

Canadian Cardiovascular Congress, October 24 - 27, 2019, Montreal, QC. Click here for more details.

Canadian Council of Cardiovascular Nurses Spring Nursing Conference & Annual General Meeting, "Update Your Cardiovascular Nursing Toolkit",
Friday May 22nd - May 23rd, 2020, Calgary, AB. Click here for more details.